Who is Mayor Marick?

On August 28, 2019, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mayor Marick of Brea. Mayor Marick was born in our nation’s capital and lived there until she was 23. She attended The University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University. In 2003 she moved to Brea for its beautiful and diverse atmosphere. She was on the Planning Commission in 2010 and in 2012 she joined the Brea City Council. On the little free time that she gets, she likes to go to youth sports with her kids. Before she joined, Mayor Marick said there weren’t any woman on City Council and no one who had young children who actively used the community center and other facilities. When she started working for the city, her children were in elementary school and preschool. She had the honor of being mayor in 2016 and now she is mayor again in 2019.

Some of the hot topics that she deals with will come up then leave, but she said that the most consistent issues she hears about from businesses and residents are having to do with homelessness and traffic. Someone who she always looked up to was her grandfather, “He always had a positive outlook on life and he took the time to get to know everyone he crossed paths with.” Mayor Marick likes to read more than just agendas but she doesn’t always have time to do it and whether it is going to the gym, or in the Yoga studio, she enjoys staying active. Mayor Marick prefers watching documentaries more than fiction and any chance she does have to read, she will continue where she left off on the New Yorker or Economist.

            She adds value to the City of Brea and likes to keep Brea clean and fun for everyone. Her family used to enjoy Fresca’s Taco Tuesday though they recently shut down. She is excited that Rubies will be coming to Brea and that they will also get their first In-N-Out.

Published by: Nathan Wayne News

We are a group of next-generation reporters / interviewers based mainly in Southern California. We are associated with three newspapers, and founded the Society for Young Writers of California.

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  1. I am always excited to read and learn what’s going on in and around Fullerton! Thank you for your dedication to good journalism.
    Pat Gilbert

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