Small Town, Great People!

On September 9, 2019, I interviewed Mayor Brian Bergman of La Habra Heights. Mayor Bergman was born in Braham, Minnesota and grew up in Cambridge. As a young adult he had always lived in smaller cities until he moved to the Bay Area. He worked for United Airlines and was promoted to be a manager for them in 1988 which brought him closer to La Habra Heights. He attended Aviation School and was also in the military.

Mayor Bergman had a friend on city council who appointed him to Planning Commissioner and after taking on the role he later decided that he enjoyed being involved in the city and ran for mayor. This is his 4th non-consecutive term as Mayor and he is not the only one in his family involved with the city. His brother in law, William Hinz, is on the School Board for La Habra Heights.

During Mayor Bergman’s free time, he enjoys going four wheeling and also finds fishing as an extremely fun hobby. He says that living in a small city does have it benefits, but with a small city comes a small budget and less resources. Currently they are dealing with the closure of Hacienda Road which is one of the main roads leading all the way through their city. About nine years ago the road failed due to corrosion and earthquake damage. The city is currently surveying the land and geographical status so that they are able to create a better road. Mayor Bergman has a son who lives in San Diego and a daughter who lives in Pennsylvania. He appreciates George Washington very much and is proud to be mayor and a 29 year resident of this great American city!

Published by: Nathan Wayne News

We are a group of next-generation reporters / interviewers based mainly in Southern California. We are associated with three newspapers, and founded the Society for Young Writers of California.


3 thoughts on “Small Town, Great People!”

  1. What an inspiration to be civically involved. It was interesting to learn about the major issue the mayor is currently focused on!

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