The Fun Mayor

Mayor Rhonda Shader of Placentia was born in Whittier California. She grew up in Fullerton and later moved to Placentia, attending Rancho Santiago Canyon Community College and University of Phoenix . Mayor Shader worked at Ameriquest Mortgage and later grew to owning a State Farm insurance agency, which is still one of her jobs. When you think of mayors you probably imagine that they have a higher pay than a normal job, though you may be surprised that Mayor Shader only gets paid about $150 a month, thus she considers it a community service! She said that she has always been a “fairly knowledgeable voter” and that the first president she ever voted for was Ronald Reagan

    Like almost all mayors I have interviewed, Mayor Shader said that the most time-consuming issue in Placentia is homelessness and next is getting the streets paved. She said that she would rather not place politics as a hobby because a hobby is something you do for yourself and she enjoys serving the community as mayor from the heart. 

    Mayor Shader finds inspiration from her favorite political figure, Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister. Her husband put up signs and her children went door to door during her campaign, so she feels that with so much support that she might run for Assembly or possibly for State Senate by around 2024!

In her free time she plays with her two dogs and she also enjoys golfing and making mini gardens One of her many favorite restaurants in Placentia is Tlaquepaque, a 4.6 star restaurant with great Mexican Food!

    You may be wondering why the title of this article is “The Fun Mayor”. The reason is that Mayor Shader and her fellow councilmembers love to play jokes on each other and they get along great. In fact, they get along so well that at one point they hid her gavel and replaced it with a carnival inflatable toy! 

The seal of Placentia

Mayor Rhonda Shader (left) and Nathan Guerrero (right) after the interview

Mayor Rhonda Shader holding our sponsor, Country Butcher’s packets of beef jerky

Published by: Nathan Wayne News

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  1. Nathan, I am so glad to learn about the Mayor of Placentia and the challenges her city is facing! I am glad you shared about “fun Mayor”

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